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Handcrafted ceramics

An elevation of simple pleasures. A pause from the restless daily life. A time to create memory.

Welcome to my studio

Hi, I’m Marie, the ceramicist behind ATMA ceramics. My approach with ceramic is about authenticity, simplicity, and connecting to nature. I design unique potteries for each and everyone who love simplicity in life, make their home a warm place always opened to family and friends, value the nobleness of natural materials and enjoy the beauty of imperfections.

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Back From The Forest


Collect treasures from the woods | Create memories with your loved ones.

The earthy smell of the underwood forest, the crunch of fallen leaves under the feet, the sunlight coming through the trees, and the kids running and screaming around.  Explore and gather branches, stones, pinecones as if it was a treasure hunt. Once back home, place them beautifully in a ceramic. A quick glance at them brings us back to this time of simple happiness.

BACK FROM THE FOREST is a collection of vases and vessels. It is my way of inciting you to enjoy the beauty of the woods, breathe and mostly create memorable moments. 

50% of the sale will be for Ukraine through Save The Children association.

Make it yours


Celebrate, Transmit, Remember through a personalized mixing bowl. 

Remember Us

A ceramic can break in the blink of an eye, but it may also resist time and last millenniums. This collection of ceramics finds its origin in the second postulate, where I ask myself what part of our current civilization I want to be remembered in 3000 years.

David Bowie, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Stromae, Leonard Cohen are at the top of my list.

Cocoon Planters


Ceramic, cotton rope and leather put together to enhance our indoor plants. 

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