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memory. In her Spanish studio, Marie Martin creates ceramics to celebrate memories. She calls for nostalgia and affect.

of the family. In 2015, she writes her grandmother’s recipe on a ceramic bowl and gives it to her brother as a gift. The reaction is so immediate and exciting that she decides to reproduce the experience with more families. Her Customized Mixing Bowl is now her bestseller.  

of our civilization. Humanity has both the obligation to fight for and to honor what characterizes us. Ceramic can break in the blink of an eye but can also resist millennials to witness our current world in the future. Her taste for music leads Marie to inscribe mythical song’s lyrics on a series of vases. But not just any, the ones that bring back memories and make us feel alive.

To fully enjoy Marie’s ceramics, you have to come close and discover the words, you have to touch the letters and feel the relief under your fingers. The technic of embossed words allows to catch the light and focus the gaze to the text of the memory.

Her aesthetic is the result of years of experimentations and influences while living more than eight years in  China and four years in San Francisco,  seeking for balance between rustic and minimalism.

Marie offers to personalize her bowls with family recipes and her decorative vases with texts such as songs, poems, quotes from books, etc. The importance is given to the emotional weight that the chosen words have in the life of the customer.

ATMA is the contraction of ATELIER MARTIN, the first  name used by Marie when she was also painting and restoring furnitures years ago. Months after that change, she learns ‘atma’ means Soul in Hindu. Ceramic is where Marie belongs and where her soul can be fully expressed . 

“Time is the main component when working with clay. My ceramics are filled with it so that you can make time for you and your loved ones “

Marie Martin

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