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ATMA’s next online sale will be on April 2 at 10AMwith the BACK FROM THE FOREST collection. Outdoor walks and treasure gatherings are the main inspiration for this small serie of vases and vessels. 

My products are slowly handmade by me in my studio in Spain. Therefore each product is slightly different one from the other one. 

How do I purchase your ceramics?

I have a permanent collection of Plates and Planters that you can purchase year round. I also makes batches of different collections, it can be a few batches in a raw, or just one. For those small collections, the dates of shop updates are communicated by email in my NEWSLETTER. 

Do you offer Wholesale?

I do offer Wholesale for the permanent collections. For detailed information, contact me at hello@atma-ceramics.com

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I send to most countries in Europe, United States and Canada. If you have any doubt, contact me !

Questions about Cocoons Planters:

Can I plant directly in my ceramic Cocoon?

The ceramic Cocoon is more thought as a cachepot than a planter. The contact with soil would damage the cotton rope. There is no drainage hole in the ceramic base, but I send ceramics rocks that absorb the excess of water and make it very convenient for the weekly light watering! For heavy watering, the plant and its plastic planter will have to be removed.

Can I use my ceramic Cocoon as an outdoor planter?

Since there is hand dyed cotton rope, it is not recommended to use your Cocoon outside. I am trying to find materials that could resist the rain and sun, but my tests with natural rope haven’t been successful until now and I really want to keep it natural. If you have any suggestion, I would love to get new ideas!

What is the Cocoon made of?

The mix of techniques and materials has always caught my eye, which naturally led me to develop a collection called COCOON mixing ceramic and cotton rope. First, I throw the ceramic base on the wheel. Then, I hand dye the cotton rope to obtain the desired tone. Once dry, I weave it on the sewing machine using the ZigZag stitch. Finally, I prepare the leather label that enhances the natural look of the whole work. This leather is bought natural, then spread with Spanish olive oil and left outside for weeks to get an aged effect. The hot Spanish sun followed by heavy storms make all the work!

How can I wash my Cocoon?

When used as a cachepot, there can be some soil left inside the ceramic base. If you need to remove it, use a wet rag and gently clean it.
If the cotton rope part has a stain, the best way to clean it is with cool water, using a toothbrush and baking soda.held 

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