Make 100: Your favorite songs written in stone(ware)

Thank you for visiting my website and learn more about my work ! Here is a bit about the production process and the creative commencement. 

After throwing my ceramics on the wheel, I use the same clay body to write on top of each vessel and apply the glaze once fired. I love the minimalism look of each vessel combined with a touch of antique aesthetic. Having the letters embossed instead of engraved allows to catch the light compared to playing with the shadow. 

I use this technique to celebrate memory. The product I am best known for is my Recipe Mixing Bowl, where customers give me their family recipe. I write the name and ingredients on the front and the process in the back.

When the war in Ukraine started, I was under shock, like most of us.  I couldn’t go back to the studio, I felt paralyzed. Then I remembered one phrase my ceramic teacher from San Francisco Community College told us : “A ceramic can break in the blink of an eye as well as it can last centuries”. This sentence had since then been in my head, but at that moment it came out with a clear meaning: using ceramics to witness our civilization. The collection RememberUs is a series of ceramics with song’s lyrics written on it. Music is such a strong and fundamental component of our civilization. It also brings many memories and emotions.

Up until now I have mostly been writing songs I do love myself. With this Kickstarter campaign, I want to make 100 ceramics with songs that matter to more people so that everyone can create a beautiful witness of our civilization. 

Remember Us

Click on the photos and discover some of the previous ceramics from the RememberUs collection.

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